Home of the Flame Genie and Inferno.   Smokeless Sparkless Fire Pit 

This is the best thing I have purchased in a long time... great for the backyard...no smoke ..no sparks..not even any sound.. takes about 10 min. To warm up them you have a big beautiful flame that really puts out the heat

​Smokeless claims are true IF you dont overfeed the pellets. Puts off a ton of heat! Best to put in a bed of 3" of pellets (I use equine bedding pine pellets) put a small starter brick in there and twenry min later its ripping! Its an art though on how to feed and keep the flame up...i may try some hardwood pellets. No need for firewood! Best solution for camping.​

​I love it....I brought one and use on my patio...right next to the pool. Only gave 4 stars because after a while it can smolder unless you get the hang of placing more pellets in. It may be the lack of air I have in my fire pit as the unit sits down lower. Otherwise, burns great and no crazy clean up after you burn....just small ash. Get one, you wont be disappointed.

 These are great I have taking it camping with us and the heat that comes off these is wonderful. A lot cheaper to burn then buying firewood from the campground and they don't let you bring in wood. A bundle of wood lasts about a hour or so and cost about 6 bucks A bag of pellets cost around 5 bucks and lasts about 3 1/2 hours Best money I spent

Love this thing very easy to use throws off alot of heat and cheap to burn then camp ground fire wood

This is awesome! It is pretty small so I was skeptical, but it puts out an amazing amount of heat. Be prepared, it will burn through a lot of pellets in a hurry, but it's the coolest (hot) firepit I have ever had!

Having used fire pits in the past I was looking for something that gives the heat and ambiance of one without having to outrun the smoke monster that always follows me, take off my outerwear before coming in the house due to the smell and clean up unburnt charcoal and ashes the next morning. This little unit fills the bill. Because it's easy to start , maintain and clean up we use it more often than our old firepit. The instructions warn about smoke if you just dump more pellets in after starting. It took no time to get the hang of intermittently sprinkling them in for a constant smoke free flame.