Home of the Flame Genie and Inferno.   Smokeless Sparkless Fire Pit 

Frequently Asked Questions

9. How do you keep it burning?

Most places are less than $5.00 a bag.

Anywhere you can burn a normal wood fire. It is even works great inside a fire ring at campgrounds.

3. How much will it burn?

We sell a shovel , called the I DON'T HAVE TO GET UP SHOVEL  for this purpose .

It is as safe if not safer than a normal wood fire. 

6. How do you light it?​

8. Where can I burn it?

It is recommended to be started with fat wood or similar type fire starter.

A Flame Genie model it will burn a 40 lb bag in about 5 hrs.

2. How much do pellets cost?

Most Big box home improvement stores carry them. Farm Stores and 
hardware stores. Hardwood heating pellets are best.   Try  to Google " Wood Pellets " in your town

1. Where do you buy pellets.

Add them slowly a few at a time. To many and you will put out the flames. 

5. How much heat does it put out? It looks small.

7. Can I burn regular stick wood in it? 

Watch the top holes where the flame appear to be coming from. When half the holes seem to  not have flames coming from them. It is time to add pellets. 

They are designed to burn wood pellets only. If regular wood is used it will plug up the bottom grate and will not work.

4. Is it safe to cook on it?

The Flame Genie Model puts out over 105000 BTU. It burns very efficiently. Giving a constant heat and flame.